In 1974, Fletcher Prather was doing the initial planning for his new company. Sitting at the kitchen table in his home, surrounded by his family, he began mulling over what to call the fledgling business. His teenage son, Mark, offered, “Hey Dad, how about Mark?” Today, Mark recalls it wasn’t a serious request, but his Dad thought it was a fine name and Mark 1 Real Estate was born.

Four decades and two generations later, Mark 1 Real Estate continues, having weathered several recessions, and today it is owned and managed by Fletcher’s son, Mark, along with his grandson, Chasin. Truly a family enterprise, Mark 1 is known for its friendly working environment, which is appreciated by agents and clients alike. Mark 1 agents operate from three convenient locations — in Orange, Cerritos and Rancho Cucamonga.

Mark1 Real Estate serves Southern Californian homebuyers and home sellers spanning Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Upon request, Mark 1 agents also can provide clients with valuable home loan services through sister company Mark 1 Mortgage. While Mark 1 utilizes up-to-date technologies that drive the real estate industry today, the company has not forgotten the secret ingredient to success: attentive customer service.

The agents of Mark 1 bring energy and enthusiasm to each real estate transaction – whether they are helping a family sell their home or finding just the right dream home for a buying family. While all clients are welcomed, both real estate veterans and novices, Mark 1 has a special interest in helping first-time buyers navigate the often-confusing process of home ownership.  Further, Mark Prather is passionate about introducing the profound financial advantage of real estate investment and he has created the Wealth Academy to provide investment education from professional advisors.


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Most of us aren’t rich but it’s a rare person who doesn’t aspire to increase their wealth and achieve a secure future. Our Wealth Academy content is designed to help you get where you want to go – with articles on real estate, accounting, law and investment.

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Community Outreach

Mark 1 Real Estate believes strongly in supporting the surrounding communities. Local high schools, service groups and human services agencies have enjoyed our support . Our communities are only as strong as the businesses and families that work and live there.

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