At Mark 1 Real Estate,  we believe it our responsibility to help our clients gain enough financial know-how to prepare for – and enjoy – their retirement. We are pleased to provide educational tools, such as the ones below, and also are ready and willing to discuss wealth-building strategies with all of our clients.

This e-book can help you achieve financial goals through real estate investment.
We will explore:

  • Leveraging and compounding
  • Optimizing your rate of return
  • Measuring property value appreciation

If your savings rate is not doing the job to get you to retirement, we may have a solution. Use our retirement calculator to find out in 60 seconds if you are on track.

This tool will calculate:

  • How much your current lifestyle will cost you at retirement
  • How much income you will need (per month) to retire
  • How much money you will need to save in order to retire

ROI Calculator

Plug in a few numbers and this tool will allow you to calculate:

  • How much money you’ve made since your purchase date
  • How much you’ve earned as a percentage on dollars invested
  • Your compounded rate of return on your investment